I stress that when we leave a job it has to look better than when we started. But I also stress that what you cannot see must be done with the same care as the work that you can see.

-John Dendis


J.C. Dendis Construction was established in Waterloo, NY in 1979. Owner/operator John Dendis was born and raised in Waterloo, and still lives there today.


Why choose J.C. Dendis Construction?



Not all soil is created equal. With over 30 years experience, I understand where potential problems could surface and know how to prevent them. I’ve worked in Seneca County and the surrounding areas and know the soil conditions. For the customer, that’s the difference between a job done fast and right and one that drags on and causes unnecessary inconvenience.

Unlike many residential contractors, I have experience on large commercial site jobs so I’m better able to deal with unique problems that might occur on a smaller site. Many times, when I look at a job I can point out potential problems and suggest corrective measures that will eliminate future problems, often at very little expense. I’ve seen hundreds of finished products and worked with some of the best landscape architects in the area.

Peace of mind

Many of my customers are other contractors who will only use J.C. Dendis Construction,  because they can rest easy knowing the excavation and grading is being taken care of and they can concentrate on other work. They understand peace of mind is important, and the same goes for residential clients.

After over 25 years of doing large commercial jobs, I have adapted to the economy. I work with a smaller crew and I’m on every job personally. Most of my work is in the Finger Lakes, between Seneca and Cayuga.